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While doing a house, one of the most crucial decisions to make is about the colour of the walls. Since the wall colour constitutes majorly to what your home vibes will be, it becomes tough to choose the correct one. But there is one colour which not only is evergreen, it also makes your house look premium. White! Have you noticed that all posh interiors or celebrity home majorly have white walls? And if you are wondering what wonders would white walls do to your interiors, take a look!

1.The room looks bigger

Crisp white walls is the easiest way to make a room look bigger. So if you are living in space-crunched apartments, this colour is a great option. And if you stay in a spacious bungalow, white will make it look even more splendid.

2. Maintenance is easy

If you thought that white walls are difficult to make, you need to rethink. If you have different coloured walls or textures in your home, if the paint needs to be redone, you need the exact shade and texture. But if it is white, you do not have to think about touch ups as well. It is just one coat paint and you are done.

3. Is never out of style

Shades of pink, green and off-whites, all become dated after some time. The only colour that never goes out of vogue is white. And since this colour is evergreen, you do not need to worry about trends.

4. Optimizes natural light

Being a good reflector of light, any natural light that comes in the room is spread wide and bright. This also leads to reduced power consumption which means that it can be considered as an eco-friendly colour too.

5. Makes your decor look contemporary

Any kind of decor easily makes a statement on the white background. Bring an entire range of coloured decor statements or traditional ascents, white walls make them all look exemplary.

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