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While doing a house, one of the most crucial decisions to make is about the colour of the walls. Since the wall colour constitutes majorly to what your home vibes will be, it becomes tough to choose the correct one. But there is one colour which not only is evergreen, it also makes your house look premium. White! Have you noticed that all posh interiors or celebrity home majorly have white walls? And if you are wondering what wonders would white walls do to your interiors, take a look!

1. White walls are like a blank slate

When the walls are white, you can deck up your house with a story in your style without giving too much time to think about combinations and suitability. White walls are like blank slates which blend with any kind of decor.

2. Perfect background for colour pop

The trend of colour pop is not going to fade anytime soon and the best background colour to support this decor is white. Any kind of colour stands out on a white base which means whatever you put on your walls or in the room, gets highlighted automatically.

3. Furniture looks elegant

White walls are the safest if you want to redo your home. Since white is a base colour, it blends with all kinds of furniture items that you already have.

4. Moulding or POP looks elegant

If you plan for any kind of mouldings on the walls or have a POP planned on the ceilings, white makes them look rich.

5. The room looks bright

Since white is a bright colour, it makes the room look bright too. Adding any kind of colour decor to it does not take away the brightness of the room. White is a good reflector of light and hence all lightings in the room will brighten up the ambience.

Reference by Times of India

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