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Let us first understand what Color is?

Color plays a profound role in our lives. Used in a planned, controlled arrangement Colors can produce many moods; can reduce or increase tensions; cause excitement or soothe a tired person. Colors may be used to create illusions of shape, luxury, warmth or coolness. Since Color is a source of pleasure to almost everyone, all homemakers should try to have beautiful Colors in their homes. This will give them much delight and ward off dullness in their lives. Let us first understand what Color is. When light is passed through a prism, the white rays of sunlight are separated into the Colors of the rainbow – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. In other words, white light is a combination of these Colors. All objects in the world around us have the capacity to absorb one or more of these Colors. Rays that are not absorbed are reflected to the eye. These rays falling on the retina (the light sensitive layer inside the eye) stimulate the optic nerves. This in turn produces the sensation of light and Colors in the brain. An object that appears green to our eyes is one that absorbs all other Colors present in white light and reflects only the green rays. Black is seen when all the rays are absorbed completely. White objects can reflect all the rays of different Colors, their combination appears to our eyes as white. The Color of an object depends on the light falling on it and the pigments (dyes) used in its making.

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