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In today’s life we live in small apartments where we do not get must space. However, balcony garden is the area where we can enjoy little me time. I personally love to spend time in my balcony garden which I have developed using very basic material and in low budget. I am going to share few tips using which we can turn our balcony garden and wall look beautiful. Here are few points:

1. Plants

First and most important thing is plants.  Some of us like plants with flowers and some may like green leafy plants like me. I would like to suggest before buying plants please consider direction of your balcony whether it is sunny or partially sunny or it has compete shade. I like to buy plants, which has low maintenance and can grow indoor as well as outdoor.  I suggest you to buy Peace lily, which has green bushy leaves and can grow indoor as well.  Palm is also my favorite one. Which adds very nice touch to your balcony? You may also buy snake plant, Coleus, Dracaena plants, which are low maintenance. For flowery plants, you can go with Cape jasmine, Periwinkle, and Combretum indicum. Most of balconies do not have more space for them we can consider vertical plantation.    However, plants without pots, which can cost you less. Make use of jute bags, old oil cans, and damaged water pots to plant. Refer below photos for reference.

2. Wall Paintings/Artifacts

Even though you are beginner painter, you can try simple paintings on your balcony walls. You can do a lot with the right Color scheme, from influencing your mood for making a space look bigger. Choose a stylish monochrome wall paint color to make your balcony contemporary. Find a soothing wall color theme like pastel pink or cream, and add touches like a vintage copper bird-cage. You could go with a natural look with greens and stone for a tranquil, outdoor feel. Use old things, which are not, is used with few new artifacts like birdcage, lanterns or few idols. Enjoy simple pot painting with your kids. Try simple smilies, emoji on your pots.  Painting your balcony wall and pots will enhance its look. I have painted and used old shoe rack doors to make window like look at one of my balcony wall.

3. Sitting arrangement

Sitting arrangement can be anything and can do in low budget. You can use old car tyres, boxes, or can buy old second hand furniture. You can paint it or try some DIY ideas and use them in you balcony. Here is the link for your reference https://www.pinterest.com/pin/390757705155325383

4. Lighting

Lighting can add extra ordinary touch to your balcony garden and wall. I would suggest use of light strings, candles or lanterns. There are waterproof lights, which runs on batteries and which you can buy in 200-300 INR.

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    Awesome and informative blog… Keep it up…

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    i just love this.
    thanks for sharing beatiful idea…

    can i ask u to renovate my balcony too.,

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